About Jen McCraw

Jen McCraw is a dedicated and empathetic healer with over seven years of experience in aiding individuals overcome emotional issues. Recognizing her calling for healing others in middle school, her journey took her through a pre-med degree at Texas A&M University, a planned career as a surgeon, and eventually to the realization of her true purpose: assisting people in addressing the roots of their physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. Presently in nursing school, Jen aims to integrate her understanding of emotional healing with both natural and Western medicine as a holistic practitioner in the mental health field.

Jen is a loving mother of four daughters and an honorary son serving in the Marines, as well as a devoted wife of 25 years. This wealth of life experience combined with her professional expertise permeates her work and resonates deeply with her readers.

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About Jen

My story

Even as a young girl in middle school, I sensed a calling to help heal people. My journey took me to Texas A&M University, where I pursued a pre-med degree intending to become a surgeon. However, God had other plans. Through interactions with friends, family, clients, and the teachings of the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE), I discovered my true calling wasn't in an operating room, but in helping people dig deep to unearth and overcome their physical, emotional, and spiritual hindrances.

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About my work

While I am currently in nursing school, I have a grander vision: to work as a holistic practitioner in the mental health field, fusing my knowledge about emotional healing with natural healing, nutrition, and Western medicine. My belief in the intertwined nature of mind, body, and spirit motivates my work as I strive to help others on their path to healing and self-discovery. This has led me to publish my book, The Pathway to Emotional Healing.

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