What Readers Say About the Book

A must read for those looking to get to the root of there problems. Emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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Where scripture and emotional healing and oils and body work all meet!! You need this book if you love emotional healing. It’s phenomenal. Buy it now!! You’ll devour it!

Amelia Lasky

I have prayed someone would write a book like this. I didn’t know I was praying for The Pathway until now. The book is so needed in emotional healing.

Carol Bechtel

My copy of The Pathway arrived today and i can’t put it down! It is so good! Thank you Jen McCraw for following your heart and sharing this gift with everyone. If you don’t have a copy, get one to add to your emotional healing toolbox.

Kendel Blackmon

I just received my copy and I am near speechless at the content presented all in one book. The spiritual aspect added to the emotional aspect is what we have been teaching and now Jen has put it all together for us.

Evon McDonald